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Is Mad Max the Wasteland Match for Fallout 4?

With Labor Day weekend now one for the books, I can safely talk about how I spent a healthy dollop of it. Indeed, with September 1 recently arriving, so too did "Mad Max" arrive, and give us our first look...

Apocalypse Gaming: Why Do People Love It So?

Whilst on the hunt for news to discuss—and for once, not Nintendo-backed news—one of my favorite haunts for news came in from VentureBeat, who described the field of apocalypse gaming. Indeed, many of the biggest titles of the last few...

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Crashes Into View

It was odd to see E3 come and go without a new trailer of "Grand Theft Auto V", but clearly, something major was in the works. The kind of something major that took a while to come to fruition, and...

The Rise of Open World Gaming

It's an interesting development, and one that took a little outside prompting to catch on to, but there seems to be a common thread running through a lot of upcoming releases. That common thread is one of open world gameplay,...
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