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Why The Wii U Could Be The Indie Developer Console of Choice

We've heard about indie development quite a bit when it comes to gaming. The PC has probably been the ultimate destination for same for some time going back as far as the days of shareware and game modding. Mobile devices...

Is Nintendo's Past the Secret to Its Future?

It's been bantered around quite a bit lately, about just what Nintendo “should do.” It's faced with impressive losses, and losing a lot of ground in the newest round of the console wars, thanks to increasing competition from rivals Microsoft...

Nintendo Goes Back To The Nostalgia Well

Clint Eastwood, in his immortal role as "Dirty Harry" Callahan in "Magnum Force" summed up the array of announcements coming out of Nintendo today: "A man's got to know his limitations." And Nintendo is clearly playing to the crowd with...

Nintendo's Valentine's Day Special--A Love Letter For Game-Starved Gamers

While Valentine's Day isn't commonly thought of as a day for solving big problems outside of the romantic comedy community, it saw one major problem get solved--or at least get closer to solved--for Nintendo gamers who are looking at Big...

Can A Game Franchise Survive A Reboot?

Next month will see the GDC Online convention come to Dallas, Texas, and with it will come a variety of informational panels about game development. One of the biggest questions slated to be asked is one I thought was worth...