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Online Cross Platform Gaming: Is It Time?

So while looking around for news recently, I spotted a bit that really caught my attention out at IGN. Essentially, it was an opinion piece calling for the removal of the various borders that separate gamers, and allow players who...

We Now Join Nintendo's Next Console Already in Progress

While there were some reports of a largely pessimistic nature, suggesting that, maybe, Nintendo was realizing the whole Wii U thing was turning into a disaster almost from launch day and thus was planning its next console release, the reports...

Why Nintendo's Not Out of the Console War Yet

It's the first weekday after E3, and we're all still just a little glassy-eyed. And why not? A host of new developments came out, huge packs of new games were shown off, and all around, there was joy for gamers...

E3 2014: So What About Nintendo?

Over the last two days, we've had a look at Microsoft's press conference, and we've done likewise for Sony, and the end result seems to be a bit on the inconclusive side. But despite some of the commentary out in...

CES 2013: Microsoft's IllumiRoom Makes Games Huge & Immersive

Perhaps one of the most sought after effects in all of gaming is immersion, that feeling of being "in the world" in which gaming is happening. Feeling like you're "there", losing hours as part of this larger experience. But something...