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eSports Steps Up Into Racing Series in Vegas

While the biggest news in Las Vegas in the last few days was the Consumer Electronics Show, there was something else going on that wasn't as big, but still delivered an exciting new prospect in its own right. It's advancing...

Think E-Sports Are Dead? Fifth DOTA 2 Prize Pool Says Otherwise

We haven't heard a lot out of e-sports lately, and that's kind of surprising. But a new report suggests that maybe e-sports was building up its news for an impressive release, as word about the fifth annual DOTA 2 prize...

E-Sports Gets A New Attraction With "Just Dance"

The Electronic Sports World Cup has added a new event to its roster as the Ubisoft title “Just Dance” joins the ranks as the first ever casual game for the series. This is a move that may seem strange on...

Can MOBA Game Schools Perk Up The E-Sports Concept?

One of the more popular breeds of game that becomes an e-sports standard is the MOBA, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, game. Games like “League of Legends” and “Defense of the Ancients” fall into this category, and the play mechanics...
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