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What Do You Have In Common With a Gaming Nine-Year-Old?

That may sound like a crazy question, but it's one that's going to likely surprise many by showing off the sheer extent of PC gaming. As it turns out, that's likely what most gamers have in common with a nine...

Third Quarter Game Spending On The Rise In New Report

With a new generation of the console wars about to kick off in earnest and the Xbox One about to emerge—the PlayStation 4 only recently made its own appearance in stores—it could be expected that gamers would curtail spending in...

Imminent Next Gen Doesn't Slow Gamers Buying Much

A new report has emerged from the NPD Group that suggests that gaming purchases haven't slowed down much even with the imminent arrival of next generation consoles. The numbers tell an interesting story, but considering the numbers in the broader...

The Future Of Gaming By The Numbers

Recent information emerged from the NPD Group, running down just how much Americans spent on video gaming in 2012, and the numbers have some very interesting stories to tell in their own right. But what do these stories have to...

The Future Of Gaming: Mobile Games, Fewer Gamers?

A new and unsettling survey was released from the NPD Group, and it's a survey that has some very disturbing implications for the gaming community in general. In that survey, the clear direction in gaming was going mobile...and there were...