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The Forest: Oculus Rift's Potential All In One Trailer

We've talked a lot about the Oculus Rift here before, and made many possible suggestions about future uses for said system ranging from games to movies to live events. But a new trailer for a new first person game is...

Then Again, Maybe Not: The Wake Of Sony's Big Event

While looking over news feeds today in a bid to determine what was big, I came across what seemed like a fairly common theme: Sony, following its big event in New York just a week ago, seemed to be doing...

Katamari Damacy Hits Museum Of Modern Art In New York

Admittedly, the idea of Katamari Damacy as art is a bit of a puzzler, yet then again, the game itself is so bizarre that calling it art isn't out of line. Agreeing with my perception that Katamari Damacy isn't out...