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The Wii U: Less a Virtual Boy, More a Dreamcast?

Over the weekend I saw a great report from Ars Technica that did a post-mortem of sorts on the Wii U, which will soon be Nintendo's last generation console model thanks to the release of the Switch. This is a...

My Terrible Luck with Indie Games

Normally I like to talk about the news when I handle End Game pieces, but today I figured I'd take the opportunity to talk about an issue fairly dear to my heart. It's about indie games, and why so many...

Nintendo's New Patent Application: No Discs?

For most of those who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, Nintendo pretty much rule the roost when it came to gaming. And with good reason; Nintendo had the biggest characters, the most fun games, a host of third-party...

Cheap Games, Or, Nintendo's New Comeback Plan

There will be some who object to that headline, noting that—as LL Cool J was once famously heard to remark—Nintendo can't have a comeback, as it's been here for years. In that sense, they would have a point, but Nintendo...

One in Four Games Sold as Digital Download?

We all knew that digital game sales were catching on, and while we all likewise knew that digital game sales had plenty of problems associated with them, a new report from The NPD Group suggests that digital game sales have...

eShop, Steam Show There's Still A Place For Retro Gaming

One of the great things I love is when there are two or more news stories that can come together to show one critical point. Making leaps of logic is one thing, but leaps of logic supported by multiple branches...
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