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In The World of Warcraft, The Panda Is King

So to kick this one off, we're going to ask--and then try desperately to answer--just one simple question: What is it about World of Warcraft and pandas? Really? Because despite all reason and good common sense, the launch of World...

Can Guild Wars 2 Compete Against World of Warcraft?

Most any time a new MMO comes out, one of the first questions that's inevitably asked is, "Can it play against World of Warcraft?". The reason that question is as inevitable as it is, of course, is because pretty much...

Help Wanted: Mists Of Pandaria Occupations Emerge

While, not so long ago, people regarded the concept of Mists of Pandaria as little more than an in-joke, the in-joke has become a reality. Now, we've got a first look at one of the newest occupations in Mists of...
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