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Play Games, Win Stuff: Lootsie Brings Real-World Swag To Gaming

Admittedly, when we had reached the point in gaming where it was entirely possible—if only technically so—to make a living playing video games thanks to various tournaments and the like, we all kind of remembered how it used to be,...

The Link Between The Oculus Rift & Chuck E. Cheese

It's perhaps one of the most preposterous ideas seen lately, but it's no less true for its sheer outlandishness. There is indeed a link between the Oculus Rift and kiddie pizza haven Chuck E. Cheese, and it's one that alternately...

When Scandal Hits eSports

It wasn't so long ago we were talking about how the eSports market in general is making major gains, how it's gaining viewership and sponsorship and all those things that make it a truly viable alternative to actual sports, and...

eSports & Plantronics--A Winning Team

Those of you who were around earlier in the week remember our earlier discussion about eSports, and how the Meltdown London may be something of the first step toward a whole new paradigm. Well, eSports just got another metaphorical shot...

On The Monetization Of Games

So last night we were taking a look at the idea of triple-A gaming, and how it wasn't exactly doomed so much as it was in desperate need of an overhaul, and there was one point in there that I...

First Ads In Games, Now Games In Ads

We discovered, not so long ago, that adding a few billboards to a racing game, or having a character break open a Coke machine to snag a few hit points, represented some big money for game companies. But what may...
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