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A Look at Konami's Baffling Game Awards Behavior

It may have been perhaps the lowest blow seen in the Video Game Awards, but word from Video Game Awards host Geoff Keighley is that Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima was required by Konami to not only not accept...

Is Konami Out of the Gaming Hunt?

Some rather shocking new rumors recently emerged from the Konami gaming machine, and for those who liked Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill and the like, the news is not good at all. Current rumors suggest that this triple-A gaming...

Is Konami's New Gaming Push a Sign of Revived Arcades?

A strange set of events came together recently, and left me with one disquieting concept in mind. Is the arcade, long thought killed by the rise of online and home console gaming, making a return? Even two years ago it...

Konami Has Big Plans For E3

Exciting news has emerged with Konami's plans for E3, which is only a little over a month out. Some very impressive games are getting ready for the pre-E3 show, but it's not just the games that are worth noting with...
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