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The Virtual Reality Market in 2015: Shaking Things Up

When even South Park is willing to take on the Oculus Rift, as it did in an episode not too long ago, it's clear that the mainstream is pretty well ready for virtual reality (VR). A recent look at the...

Can Wearable Tech Be A Part of Gaming?

Now here's an exciting question that's recently cropped up. Some have noticed that there's been something of a move recently to bring gaming to the smartwatch concept. While this approach has met with something less than full success thus far,...

Augmented Reality Vs. Virtual Reality: Which Is The Real Game-Changer?

It's an interesting question, no doubt, but the question of just which technology is going to have more impact in terms of gaming—virtual reality or augmented reality—is one that should be front and center for more than a few gamers...

Oculus Rift, CastAR, and Friends: Virtual Reality Hardware Becoming A Full Market

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. That's not just a partial Bible quote turned pithy saying any more, but rather a fair description of the virtual reality market. While there was software and to spare ready to...

A Google Game Center May Be In The Works

Interesting new reports have emerged suggesting that Google may have an exciting new development in mind as far as games go, a development that may well put a new star in multiplayer gaming's firmament.It's no secret that a lot of...
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