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When Kids Game: The Open Letter to Parents of League of Legends Players

There's a document making the rounds of late, and it's one that's raising a noteworthy point about the youngest members of the gaming community. While it raises some good points, it also falls flat on some fronts, and to that...

When Scandal Hits eSports

It wasn't so long ago we were talking about how the eSports market in general is making major gains, how it's gaining viewership and sponsorship and all those things that make it a truly viable alternative to actual sports, and...

E-Sports Gets Big News: New Streaming, Huge Numbers

The last couple of days have been very big in terms of new developments for the concept of e-sports, and so I've boiled down the events into a smaller post to provide a nice broad look at the field. There...

Check Out The League Of Legends Finals' New Venue

Just yesterday, we got a look at how Major League Gaming was looking to step up its game by bringing in new video, offering up more opportunities for advertisers to get in on a major demographic and also give the...

eSports & Plantronics--A Winning Team

Those of you who were around earlier in the week remember our earlier discussion about eSports, and how the Meltdown London may be something of the first step toward a whole new paradigm. Well, eSports just got another metaphorical shot...

What Should Be Done About Bad Sports In Video Games?

Thinking back on childhood, it's not hard to remember the days when "Nuh-uh / Yeah-huh" was considered respectable discourse, and where the ability to invent a counter to a potential enemy attack was enough to render it moot (I have...
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