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Brace Yourself for GTA 6

Yes, it's true, at least at last report; Grand Theft Auto 6 has already started development, and we're poised to get another round of ultra-violent criminal action on the streets of yet another new and interesting location. Interestingly, this comes...

Is "The Order: 1886" Long Enough For Prime Time?

Recently, word has come out surrounding the upcoming release of “The Order: 1886,” and while the idea of the game itself is exciting, some are discovering that the actual playthrough is a little less so. Indeed, some discovered that a...

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Crashes Into View

It was odd to see E3 come and go without a new trailer of "Grand Theft Auto V", but clearly, something major was in the works. The kind of something major that took a while to come to fruition, and...

Is Grand Theft Auto 5 Taking Cues From Saints Row: The Third?

A provocative question, make no mistake, but one we're going to take a look at all the same. Several new still photos have emerged, and it's making me wonder if, maybe, Rockstar's looking to take some cues from their competitor.The...

Three Wildly Underappreciated Concepts In Gaming

After reading an editorial over at Joystiq which called for a new line of history to begin in video games--suggesting at least a temporary moratorium on the endless flood of World War II games that seem to constantly make appearances--I...

Max Payne 3 Cheaters Get Lockdown In Cheater's Jail

We've seen a lot of different ways to take on cheaters. We've seen games that suddenly and horribly ratchet up difficulty levels, we've seen direct ejections, we've seen direct objections complete with humiliation. But Max Payne 3 is going to...
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