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ID@Xbox On the Rise, Over 1400 Dev Kits in Play

One of the greatest parts of the earlier Microsoft generation was the sheer bulk of indie gaming content on hand. Granted, not all of it was that good. A large portion of it was godawful. Much of it took some...

Volition Gets A Tax Dollar Boost From Champaign

Not so long ago, we had a look at how tax dollars were impacting gaming as we knew it with a Tax Day look at how Georgia was offering up some incentives to provide tax breaks for various gaming companies...

Merry Christmas, Gamers: Holiday-Themed Events In Games

It's an interesting question, make no mistake. Most of us have played a game at one time or another in which a special holiday event or holiday-related memorabilia has come up. But do these things make our games better? Or...

First off, a happy Labor Day to everyone out there, and I hope you had a pleasant weekend of it. It may not surprise you to note that a large portion of my Labor Day weekend was spent in gaming,...

How Saints Row IV Means Bad News For Nintendo

Anyone who's been following the progress of the Wii U over the course of the last few months since it's been released is likely quite aware there are some big problems on that front. But a new chunk of bad...
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