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The Games Industry Doesn't Need A Nanny

Earlier today, remarks emerged from Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-California) suggesting that if the games industry didn't "do something", then Congress would have to step in. This, naturally, has left plenty confused and angry in its wake, but really, the games...

Video Games To Get Public Relations Makeover In New Campaign

Video games, lately, have taken something of a bad rap. With recent events making video games look like the fuel of massacres like Sandy Hook, and even the vice president taking potshots at the medium, it's not a bad time...

Violent Video Games Don't Breed Violence

While the Sandy Hook killings are a tragedy deplored universally, old familiar scapegoats have emerged in the wake of this disaster as people try, desperately, to find rationality in the irrational. While gun rights are the first target in a...
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