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Nintendo: The Healthy Game Maker?

Things have not been good for Nintendo of late, and that's almost a bit of an understatement. With rivals Sony and Microsoft trouncing the daylights out of the company on shelves and Nintendo itself seen regularly apologizing to gamers over...

Nintendo May Be On To Something

Admittedly, this generation of the console wars has not been kind to Nintendo. The Wii U has been regularly underperforming. Put against the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, the Wii U is barely even in the same sport, let...

Nintendo's Future Now All About The Games

No matter what you may have to say about Nintendo--and there's certainly plenty that could be said in any direction--but it must be said that Nintendo is rapidly getting a handle on what it's going to need to survive. And...

Selling Games In A Saturated Market

It's getting to be downright amazing how many games there are out there, but with more and more games showing up on a regular basis--huge names and indie fare among them--that's posing a bit of a challenge to marketers, and...

Will Future Consoles Be Loss Leaders?

A common marketing move--and price is one of the most important factors in marketing--is to establish what's called a loss leader, a product specifically priced below market value in a bid to get buyers in the door in order to...