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Early Word On The Elder Scrolls Online Suggests Exciting Possibilities

Recently, some early reports started slipping out about The Elder Scrolls Online, the first MMO from Zenimax using the Elder Scrolls world as its backdrop. What's coming out around this title certainly bodes well for players, but the universal question...

DayZ Looking A Lot More MMO These Days

There's some interesting news about the DayZ conversion to more of a full-MMO model, which is at last report still on track to launch sometime by the end of the year, though there's some room for interpretation on that front....

The Secret World Launches Tomorrow, Funcom's CEO Launches A New Career

One of the most anticipated MMO titles in some time, The Secret World, is set to make its official launch in a matter of hours. But even as developer Funcom is poised to launch a big title, Funcom's CEO will...
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