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E3 2015: The Last Guardian to Make a Comeback?

There are some titles that some believed would never come out. For a long time, Duke Nukem Forever was one. Half-Life 3 was another, and perhaps one of the most poignant such entries was The Last Guardian. But new reports...

Sony Has No Clue Why The PS4 Sold So Well

There's an old saying that, while failure is an excellent teacher, success has few lessons. While this isn't exactly the case—success often has lessons to teach for those who want to repeat it—sometimes the lessons of success are just a...

The Mobile Gaming Market: Changing Minds

A recent interesting fact cropped up earlier today, as facts have a tendency to do, that showed that—in a survey staged by Goo Technologies—more users were turning to browser gaming than were turning to console gaming. The majority's margin here...

E3 2013: Oculus Rift and PlayStation 4--A Future Together?

Speculation abounds in the midst of hordes of trailers and exhibitions going on out at E3, but one of the biggest speculations comes out of a combination of two key factors in gaming. Putting these two developments together may well...
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