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Blizzard Shuts Down Reporting by the Numbers

Preface this article with a slice of onomatopoeia: Gulp.For quite some time now, Blizzard has, on a quarterly basis, brought out word of its total subscriber numbers for the long-running World of Warcraft franchise as part of its earnings report....

Did Microsoft Just Leapfrog Oculus Rift With Hololens?

The virtual reality market could be one of the biggest gaming has seen since the console wars got fired up in earnest, and there were no shortage of competitors going after a slice of said market. With Sony and its...

Microsoft Reconfirms Commitment To Xbox Line Amid Insecurity

It seems like every so often, new word emerges suggesting that Microsoft's commitment to the Xbox line isn't as strong as it could be. Some even go so far as to suggest that Microsoft wants out of the game business...

How Time's Gadget Of The Year List Shows Gaming's Mainstream Appeal

For a long time, many thought of gaming as something to hide, something to keep quiet, something better done in the confines of one's own home, especially if said gaming was done over a certain age. But the changing of...

Xbox One Gets A New Edge, This Time Thanks To Skype

Granted, for a lot of people out there, the idea of playing multiplayer matches on Xbox Live with anyone short of close friends or family is a disturbing idea indeed. But with the coming of a new console comes a...

Roccat To Roll Out Power Grid At Gamescom Show

With E3 now just a fond memory, and the next PAX show so far off in the distance you can't even really see it from here, the next game show, such as it is, will be the massive German extravaganza...
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