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Sony Makes Indies A Big Offer For The Tokyo Game Show

While right now, most of the attention in the gaming world is focused squarely on Los Angeles and the upcoming E3 event—and with good reason—there's another event that comes not too far after that, and one that should make indie...

E3 2013: Oculus Rift and PlayStation 4--A Future Together?

Speculation abounds in the midst of hordes of trailers and exhibitions going on out at E3, but one of the biggest speculations comes out of a combination of two key factors in gaming. Putting these two developments together may well...

Then Again, Maybe Not: The Wake Of Sony's Big Event

While looking over news feeds today in a bid to determine what was big, I came across what seemed like a fairly common theme: Sony, following its big event in New York just a week ago, seemed to be doing...

Sony's Master PlayStation 4 Marketing Plan Revealed, Somewhat

With the Sony special event now a memory, we're left to pick up the pieces and ask, just what's left? But now we've got some official, on the record word from Sony itself to explain just what the plan is...
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