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Shutdowns, Shutdowns, Shutdowns: Gaming Pulls in on Several Fronts

As is the case in any industry, sometimes new products show up, and sometimes old products die off. Recently, the dieoff side of the coin seems a bit stronger than normal, as two major new efforts were announced shut down...

Has EA Learned a Grim Lesson About Microtransactions?

On the surface, microtransactions are a great idea. Start with a game that's worth playing, and then let the players at said game at no charge. Then, make money with that fantastic game by offering up new options that make...

What's the Most Anticipated Game of 2015? It's Not Fallout 4.

When I heard that slice of news earlier today, you could have knocked me over with a feather. Really? Really? "Fallout 4", the game that gamers all over the Web have been anticipating since those three magic numbers came out...

Good News for Star Wars: Battlefront Players

Sometimes good news for gamers can be in short supply. Some of the best news doesn't hit, delays show up, and sometimes there's nothing at all about your most anticipated titles for weeks, or even months. But sometimes the news...

Star Wars Battlefront Hits October With a Beta Access Mode

As if the next couple months weren't going to be stuffed full of gaming options as it was! Now, word has emerged that EA will be offering up the beta version of "Star Wars: Battlefront" for both PlayStation 4 and...
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