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BlizzCon Brings StarCraft 2 & Hearthstone Add-Ons, Plus A Whole New Game

Wrapping up last week was a bit of a surprise as this year's BlizzCon came and left some new trailers in its wake. While not as big a deal as, say, E3, Gamescom or the Tokyo Game Show, BlizzCon often...

Can The IGN League Ever Be The Next NFL?

A recent bit of news arrived that, only yesterday, Blizzard purchased the IGN e-sports league, lock, stock and boxtop, in order to better facilitate the growth of a StarCraft II league. While this does bode well for gaming in general,...

What Drove Activision's Big Gains This Quarter?

It's earnings season, and as such, a lot of companies are putting up their numbers for the quarter. Activision was one such company announcing their numbers today, and the news for them was surprisingly good. Sufficiently surprisingly, in fact, to...

Social Gaming's Biggest Failing? Not Enough Social

Social gaming is something of a strange beast these days. While there are more than a few people out there waiting for the inevitable collapse of social gaming in favor of mobile gaming, one point seems to be lacking in...
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