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Twitch & Capcom Readying Street Fighter League

Real sports, generally, have a season. Fall, for example, is football's time to shine, and as fall fades into winter, basketball takes over into April and a bit beyond for the playoffs and finals, then major summer sports like baseball...

Gambling On Games: Capcom & Virgin Gaming Bring Betting To Games

Think you're a real champ at “Super Street Fighter 4”? How about “Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition”? Well, if you've got the chops to take on the greats, you too can put your money where your mouth is thanks...

Why The eSports Bar Could Be Up For High Scores

Earlier today, word came out from several sources about the upcoming opening of the Meltdown London eSports bar, a sports bar that would offer not only a variety of video game-themed drinks, but also a variety of video games. The...
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