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New Word Emerges on Legend of Zelda Series

Not long ago, word started to emerge about a possible new series coming to Netflix based on one of Nintendo's most popular game series, "The Legend of Zelda". Just as everyone was starting to get properly hyped up for a...

The Legend of Zelda: Netflix Version?

Most of us, I think, can point to one video game or another that was turned into a movie or television show that never should have had that particular privilege. Most of us likely remember the cruel prank the universe...

Horror Gaming Gets a Spark From Friday the 13th

It's been sequeled to within an inch of its life and rebooted once already, with a second hit reportedly set to come by the end of this year. It's a cultural phenomenon, one of the big-three of eighties slasher fare,...

The Defiance TV Show / Game Link Gets New Life

Not so long ago, I tackled the world of Defiance right here, and generally, found myself happy to do so. This unusual, console-based MMO was surprisingly entertaining, and the connection to the TV series certainly didn't hurt. But now, there's...

Part Game, Part TV Show--All Defiance

Watching tonight's episode of G4's X-Play--got to love that free preview on Dish Network--showed me an interesting concept tonight; Defiance. While a game generally isn't defined as an "interesting concept", it's the supporting marketing behind this one that's got my...
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