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Sega's Hajime Satomi Talks Consoles and Trust

If someone were to say that Sega as a company had seen better days, it would be hard to dispute that. After all, it seems like a lot of Sega's most innovative console titles are relegated to the distant past,...

The Worst in Gaming 2014

It may sound like the worst kind of cynicism and defeatism to look at the worst that gaming had to offer in 2014, but for my money, it's not a bad idea. Why? Because as a great cartoon mouse once...

Sony Makes Indies A Big Offer For The Tokyo Game Show

While right now, most of the attention in the gaming world is focused squarely on Los Angeles and the upcoming E3 event—and with good reason—there's another event that comes not too far after that, and one that should make indie...

Why Can't I Stop Playing The Last Stand--Dead Zone?

While we've seen loads of new console and PC games alike come out in recent days--indeed, with the buildup to holiday shopping season well under way there will only be more titles to look at--an unexpected title has hit me...

Are Video Game Shows Dying Out?

The status of E3 has been known for some time. Many have questioned if PAX--the Penny Arcade Expo--is taking the place of E3 sufficient for it to be the new E3. E3 has been rapidly falling off from its previous...

Tokyo Game Show Shows Off The PlayStation Hardware

With the Tokyo Game Show in full swing, it's not surprising that there is plenty of game-related news to go around. While much of what was showing was fresh trailers for some new and interesting games--what is it about the...
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