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Microsoft Drops List of Names For ID@Xbox Developers

There's good news today as Microsoft just dropped a big list of names on the gaming community. Sadly, it wasn't a huge list of upcoming game releases, but it was news almost as good nonetheless. Yes, with winter seeming to...

State of Decay: Breakdown Proves There's Still Life In The Xbox 360

So admittedly, when I first got a glimpse of the new "State of Decay" download, "Breakdown," I was concerned. A meager four megabytes was supposed to be a worthwhile augmentation? The subsequent 91 megabyte patch certainly helped things, but how...

On Indie Developers In Consoles

Following the events of the 2013 Game Developers Conference, and some recent word from Nintendo regarding same, a couple of interesting notions became clear, and so tonight looked like a good night to talk about the concept of indie developers...