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Time on Talos 1: Playing Prey

I admit, I haven't had a lot of luck with Bethesda titles that don't involve the words "Game Studios" somewhere in the title. However, I did have a much better time with Prey, which still had some issues but generated...

Back to the World War II Trenches With Battalion 1944

For a while there, it was hard to turn around without stumbling onto another round of the Greatest Generation tackling Nazism in the forests of Europe or the beaches of the South Pacific. Then, the trend died away for a...

A Gamers' Salute To Independence Day

It's the Fourth of July, and with the coming of such a holiday comes a lot of different things. Some have family gatherings. Others attend parades, or host barbecues or the like. But one thing that should factor in to...

Three Wildly Underappreciated Concepts In Gaming

After reading an editorial over at Joystiq which called for a new line of history to begin in video games--suggesting at least a temporary moratorium on the endless flood of World War II games that seem to constantly make appearances--I...
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