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How GameLock is Shaking Up the Used Game Market

Used games are a wonderful thing; they give budget-minded gamers a chance to enjoy the good stuff at a substantially reduced cost, though sometimes it can take a bit of patience to get hands on just that right title as...

Google I/O 2014: How Android TV Drives A New Breed Of Console Gaming

It could easily be forgiven for many to think that mobile gaming is mobile gaming, and console gaming is console gaming, and never the twain shall meet. But that's a line that's become increasingly blurry over the last couple of...

Is Amazon Fire TV Ready To Take On The Console Wars?

It's an interesting question, really...and one we have to ask since the unveiling of the Amazon Fire TV set-top box. Yes, Amazon's great foray into console gaming—at least, after a fashion—may not seem like much of an issue to the...

Is Amazon About To Eat Microsoft's Lunch?

That's a funny question, make no mistake, and it's got an answer that may not prove to be very funny at all for Microsoft. For us, however, it should be a bit of great news as it should spark competition...

Microsoft's Xbox One Launch Not Without Its Own Problems

It was a little under a week ago where we discovered that the launch of Sony's newest entrant in the console wars, the PlayStation 4, was having some pretty substantial mechanical problems, up to the point where positive comments and...

Microsoft Backs Down on DRM; Will It Change Minds?

Something very exciting only recently happened when Microsoft--who likely saw the torches and pitchforks on the mob which reached back from Redmond clear as far as Kansas--who pulled back on the DRM reins and put out the word that many...
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