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Are Steam Sales Doing More Harm Than Good?

Just yesterday we noted some big impact for Steam, and noted how it was drawing in a whole lot of gaming fans from all around the world with incredible bargains released on a fairly regular basis. But one point being...

Is It Worth It To Buy A Wii U?

With the opening frenzy of Wii U sales now officially out of everyone's collective system, there are likely plenty of fence-sitters out there engaging in a little pre-shopping navel gazing, wondering if it's worth it to go out and buy...

Three Things I'm Thankful For In Gaming

With Thanksgiving in its closing hours, and some of the Black Friday sales already kicking in, I figured it would be a good time to settle in and write a little something I'm thankful for in gaming. There's a lot...

Has Nintendo Shot Itself In The Foot With The Wii U?

Earlier today, the Wii U made a much more extended appearance at a preview event, which Nintendo streamed live. In said event, we got a much better look not only at the hardware, but also at the software--games included--that will...

Will Black Friday Be The Big Day For The Wii U?

Release dates on consoles are, in many respects, secrets closely guarded at a level overmatched only by the release of Apple products. We won't be tackling the iPhone 5, or the iPad Mini here, though these days they're no less...
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