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Wii U Debut Beating PlayStation 4's In Japan

That's a statement right there that would act like a brick to most anyone's temple, but the reports suggest it is indeed the case. While the PlayStation 4 is having a field day over most of the planet, and likely...

How Microsoft Can Save The Next Generation

The numbers have been coming out, and frankly, it's not looking good for Microsoft. While it's posting some decent numbers--word direct from Microsoft says that the company brought out 3.9 million as of December 31, with an unknown quantity since--the...

Then Again, Maybe Not: The Wake Of Sony's Big Event

While looking over news feeds today in a bid to determine what was big, I came across what seemed like a fairly common theme: Sony, following its big event in New York just a week ago, seemed to be doing...

PS4 Price--Has It Been Leaked?

With the upcoming Sony super-special meeting closing fast on us, it's already got more than a few wondering just what will be coming out. Since pretty much every other Sony super-special meeting has ended in a new product getting unveiled,...

Nintendo 3DS Destroys PlayStation Vita In Japan

Well, with a headline like that, I had probably better give you some really, really disturbing numbers, hadn't I? How fortunate that I happen to have just that. A recent examination of the video game market suggests that, in a...