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HBO's "Love Child" Asks One of Gaming's Toughest Questions

The “just one more” phenomenon is widely known among gamers. Just one more boss fight, just one more round, just one more level, just one more game; it's a phenomenon almost as old as video gaming itself, and for the...

When Scandal Hits eSports

It wasn't so long ago we were talking about how the eSports market in general is making major gains, how it's gaining viewership and sponsorship and all those things that make it a truly viable alternative to actual sports, and...

Mobile Gaming Set For Huge Upswing in Investment & Value

We all pretty well knew that gaming was a big industry. Just looking at E3, at the Penny Arcade Expo, at the growing presence of gaming in the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show all cements the idea that gaming is...

E-Sports Gets Another Boost With Planetside 2 in South Korea

The field of e-sports is one to watch, that's for sure, and it just got a little extra boost--at least, in South Korea--as the country will see the debut of Planetside 2 in a cooperative effort between Sony Online Entertainment...
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