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Titanfall Cheaters' Pool Activated On PC--A Clever Approach To Online Cheating

Cheating in games is a fairly universal problem. While the cheat code has been comparatively sanctioned, its use in online play is much less so and represents a fundamental difference between the offline cheat and the online cheat. While different...

Titanfall A Huge Download On PC--Are Games Getting Too Big?

I spotted an odd bit of news earlier today about the PC release of "Titanfall," in that it would represent around a 22 gigabyte download, and an even bigger installation thanks to the use of uncompressed audio. And after having...

Xbox One Gets At Least A Short-Term Price Cut With Titanfall Bundle

It's a topic that's been hot on the minds of gamers pretty much ever since the Xbox One was announced: when would the first round of price cuts arrive for this popular new system? It wasn't a question that was...
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