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| The video game industry has gone from a mole hill to a mountain in no time flat, Chris DiMarco is your Sherpa as you endeavor to scale Mount “Everquest”

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A New Twitch Record...Thanks to E3

It's been an absolutely amazing Electronics Entertainment Expo this year, sufficiently so that people are actually still talking about it almost a week after the fact. While there were huge quantities of great games shown off, and new technology besides...

Three Things The Google / Twitch Affair Shows About Gaming

Recently, word started emerging about plans on Google's part to pick up Twitch, the livestreaming company with a particular focus on games. The reports suggested that Google was prepared to pay $1 billion for the company in a straight cash...

High School StarLeague: Bringing College Scholarships to Pro Gaming

It was easy to wonder, back when the concept of e-sports was getting started, if there would be college leagues and potentially even high school leagues as the next generation of competitive gamers would be sought out to put into...

Twitch & Capcom Readying Street Fighter League

Real sports, generally, have a season. Fall, for example, is football's time to shine, and as fall fades into winter, basketball takes over into April and a bit beyond for the playoffs and finals, then major summer sports like baseball...

Twitch To Go: Streaming For Mobile Games Now Available

While some may find the idea of watching other people play video games to be the zenith of uselessness, the idea that this activity might be fun is catching on, and more and more people—and platforms—are turning to Twitch to...

Watching Games A Bigger Draw Than Expected

Recently, Deepfield brought out a study on peak Internet traffic. Some fairly major names appeared on the list of places people often go online, and many of the expected names led the way. But where things got very interesting was...
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