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Why Is World of Warcraft Losing Subscribers?

That's a profoundly loaded question right there, and the newest numbers bear it out. Reports suggest that World of Warcraft's subscriber count has been on a downhill slope for some time, going down from 7.7 million subscribers in August to...

How Do You Follow World Of Warcraft?

At one point, it was earning more than some small countries did in an entire year. It also had a population that, had it been a real country, would have allowed it a seat at the U.N. I'm talking here...

A Little Time On The New Earth Of Defiance

I finally got a shot at Defiance just recently--it was Spring Break for many of the area high schools, so that played utter hob with game rentals--but I was certainly looking forward to trying what was being described as a...

In The World of Warcraft, The Panda Is King

So to kick this one off, we're going to ask--and then try desperately to answer--just one simple question: What is it about World of Warcraft and pandas? Really? Because despite all reason and good common sense, the launch of World...

How Much Does The Iranian Blizzard Disconnect Have To Do With Iran?

Normally, when reports start landing about a game being banned in some entire countries, the eyes of outraged gamers start looking at the government of that country in question. Sure, they usually swing back around to their own government as...