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Bill Miller
Currently providing consulting services. Was most recently VP of Operations at FreedomVoice, cloud-based PBX. Over 25 years of voice, data and security networking experience. In recent years, he has been a staple presenting and on panels at IT Expo, Digium Asterisk World, & Astricon.

Seriously? Comcast Wants TWC

The FCC just finished telling Softbank that buying T-Mobile would not be likely. So Comcast outbids Charter for TWC. This will...

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IP Migration Picking Up Speed among Utilities

Mae Kowalke, TMCnet Contributor

A few years ago, the idea of a smart grid and things such as smart metering was the stuff of science fiction. But thanks to recent innovations, a utility that is not working on a migration to IP is behind the curve.

In this second of a three-part series on the value of the migration utility infrastructure to IP as the means to enable and enhance the value of smart grids, we look at an expert’s view of the challenges as highlighted in a recent GridTalk posting by Bart Vrancken, utilities solutions architect at Alcatel-Lucent, who noted, “Utilities telecom used to be very simple, handled in the background with a very small team…The explosive growth in intelligent grid devices with communication capabilities was not foreseen at all several years back. But now we see numerous examples of customers deploying these technologies.”

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Diameter, NFV and More Expected at MWC

Jim Hodges from Heavy Reading has come out with an interesting report about signaling (Diameter) in next-generation networks. In it, he...

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Personal Brand

Personal Brand: is your reputation. It's Trust. You need Trust to sell. You need Trust to get hired. Telecom is a...

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Ring Central and J2 are Popping

Ring Central saw a bump in the stock price in Wall Street's response to RC's earnings report. Quarterly revenue increased 37%...

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Google Enters the Video Conference Space IRL

So Google is bringing Hangouts to your living room or your office. Google has launched a hardware package for video conferencing...

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Jumper Card - The Swiss Army Knife of Portable Chargers

The Jumper Card is a very unique portable charger that meets just about every portable charger requirement - it's small/portable, it has...

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How will wearable technology affect Enterprise BYOD strategies?

January 20, 2014

If you think today's IT infrastructures are challenged to integrate mobile technologies with the avalanche of smartphones and tablets, what will IT and security leaders do as all those new wearables penetrate the enterprise? The onslaught of new IP addresses, already challenged with employees bringing their laptop+mobile+tablet, and now adding the various new choices such as Google glasses and watches and many other devices, the infrastructure could be overrun with new traffic patterns and security challenges. 

There is an explosion of innovation as we enter 2014 from all the new wearables just in their infancies, new applications using mobile technologies, WebRTC, and all the new device types - that contribute to the acceleration of change. Not to mention the Internet of Things/Internet of Everything that will also have significant impact on today's networks, management of networks, and security of both networks and data.

Externally focused Social Media for the Enterprise

January 3, 2011

Part III of this three-part series is to discuss externally focused social media perspectives and tools. This is my favorite and took a long time to finish as many of my friends know I changed positions in early 2010.  In hindsight, this delay will benefit this post as social media in the enterprise has moved forward in tremendous ways even if not everyone has adopted the concept or philosophy. Some might call it mainstream others a maturing market but I call it exciting!

Social Media in the Enterprise Part II

May 13, 2010

Companies need to create, implement and refine their social media policy.

A "First View" of Social Media in the Enterprise.

April 23, 2010

As promised in my last blog post I am launching a 3-part series about social media in the enterprise. There is much information and activity to sort through out there with more column-inches daily. The three parts include today's post introducing the concepts and terminology. At the end of this series you should be able to:

- Build a social media strategy
- Build social business software strategy
- Create a project plan and budget to begin implementation.

Many conservative professionals ignore social media, discount social media and some think it's something others do.

5 Acronyms and Terms I Love to Hate

April 7, 2010

If you are anything like me and my peers you have some favorite terms and acronyms that emerge that you really don't like and cringe when you hear them. Some are vendor tag lines some are analyst created market segmentation attempts some are journalist created and more recently blogger created. I attended VoiceCon in Orlando two weeks ago collecting topics and market research that I can blog about. Readers may be interested in your suggested most disliked or misunderstood acronyms but here are my 5 least favorite  terms.

Enterprise 2025 Kickoff

March 16, 2010

I am excited to participate in TMCNet's blogger network. There are world class subject matter experts you will find on the TMCNet blogger library and I am pleased to be here. Over time we will explore a myriad of changes we see in the enterprise with no limitations. From social media to cloud based services we'll take a look at what enterprises are implementing, evaluating and trialing, and as a networker I will share  "overheard" discussions as long as they are not impacted by any non-disclosures that I have signed.