Bill Miller : Enterprise 2025
Bill Miller
Currently providing consulting services. Was most recently VP of Operations at FreedomVoice, cloud-based PBX. Over 25 years of voice, data and security networking experience. In recent years, he has been a staple presenting and on panels at IT Expo, Digium Asterisk World, & Astricon.

March 2010

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Enterprise 2025 Kickoff

March 16, 2010

I am excited to participate in TMCNet's blogger network. There are world class subject matter experts you will find on the TMCNet blogger library and I am pleased to be here. Over time we will explore a myriad of changes we see in the enterprise with no limitations. From social media to cloud based services we'll take a look at what enterprises are implementing, evaluating and trialing, and as a networker I will share  "overheard" discussions as long as they are not impacted by any non-disclosures that I have signed.