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Bill Miller
Currently providing consulting services. Was most recently VP of Operations at FreedomVoice, cloud-based PBX. Over 25 years of voice, data and security networking experience. In recent years, he has been a staple presenting and on panels at IT Expo, Digium Asterisk World, & Astricon.

April 2010

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A "First View" of Social Media in the Enterprise.

April 23, 2010

As promised in my last blog post I am launching a 3-part series about social media in the enterprise. There is much information and activity to sort through out there with more column-inches daily. The three parts include today's post introducing the concepts and terminology. At the end of this series you should be able to:

- Build a social media strategy
- Build social business software strategy
- Create a project plan and budget to begin implementation.

Many conservative professionals ignore social media, discount social media and some think it's something others do.

5 Acronyms and Terms I Love to Hate

April 7, 2010

If you are anything like me and my peers you have some favorite terms and acronyms that emerge that you really don't like and cringe when you hear them. Some are vendor tag lines some are analyst created market segmentation attempts some are journalist created and more recently blogger created. I attended VoiceCon in Orlando two weeks ago collecting topics and market research that I can blog about. Readers may be interested in your suggested most disliked or misunderstood acronyms but here are my 5 least favorite  terms.