How will wearable technology affect Enterprise BYOD strategies?

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Bill Miller
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How will wearable technology affect Enterprise BYOD strategies?

If you think today's IT infrastructures are challenged to integrate mobile technologies with the avalanche of smartphones and tablets, what will IT and security leaders do as all those new wearables penetrate the enterprise? The onslaught of new IP addresses, already challenged with employees bringing their laptop+mobile+tablet, and now adding the various new choices such as Google glasses and watches and many other devices, the infrastructure could be overrun with new traffic patterns and security challenges. 

There is an explosion of innovation as we enter 2014 from all the new wearables just in their infancies, new applications using mobile technologies, WebRTC, and all the new device types - that contribute to the acceleration of change. Not to mention the Internet of Things/Internet of Everything that will also have significant impact on today's networks, management of networks, and security of both networks and data. How exciting!

All this is driving infrastructure changes and demands on our enterprise networks and our approach to how enterprise infrastructure will evolve. The hotbeds of activity for evolution within the enterprise include: data center infrastructure, data center infrastructure management, enterprise security, WebRTC, BYOD management, and pace of application development on all the new end point technologies.

Some questions to explore as well include how voice and unified communications will evolve. There are so many perspectives to consider. Will all these changes drive the adoption of the cloud for more enterprise applications over time?  I say yes and we can explore this further with proof points over time. 

I am glad to be back on the Enterprise 2025 blog! 

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