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Bill Miller
Currently providing consulting services. Was most recently VP of Operations at FreedomVoice, cloud-based PBX. Over 25 years of voice, data and security networking experience. In recent years, he has been a staple presenting and on panels at IT Expo, Digium Asterisk World, & Astricon.

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Externally focused Social Media for the Enterprise

Part III of this three-part series is to discuss externally focused social media perspectives and tools. This is my favorite and took a long time to finish as many of my friends know I changed positions in early 2010.  In...

Social Media in the Enterprise Part II

Companies need to create, implement and refine their social media policy.

A "First View" of Social Media in the Enterprise.

As promised in my last blog post I am launching a 3-part series about social media in the enterprise. There is much information and activity to sort through out there with more column-inches daily. The three parts include today's post...