Cyber Monday's Coolest Tech Toy Markdowns

Just because I write about gadgets doesn't mean I'll get all the cool ones I want for Christmas.
Unfortunately, one of the toys topping my wish list - the Barnes and Noble 'nook' e-book reader - is out of stock. But you can still get (and give) a specially made 'nook' e-coupon (at least it will save on wrapping paper!).  
At Amazon, some of the big deals of the day include 40 percent off the EyeClops Mini Projector, Sennheiser RS 130 Wireless Surround Sound Headphones for $199.68 (normally $380.61) and the 2G Apple iPod touch 8 GB for $158.
And at, the $82 pricetag on the TomTom One 130 Portable GPS with Preloaded Maps and a 3.5" Touchscreen is certainly enticing (as I always get lost driving around my new home state of Connecticut).
Then again, I should probably get in the true spirit of the holiday and shop for someone else, like my fiancĂ©, who really wants the new Beatles Rock Band for Wii (on sale for $40). At least that's a gift that'll benefit the both of us.  
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I have read almost all the reviews for the Kindle 1 and 2. I did not own the Kindle 1, but I did receive my new Kindle 2 today.

Honestly, I am not sure what people are complaining about with this product. I did not buy a notebook computer. I want a product to read books, get them at a reduced cost, have all of them in on place, etc.

The Kindle 2 is AWESOME!! It does just what is advertised. Downloads are fast. The screen reads like paper, it is easy to navigate. What is there not to like?? NOTHING!!

Amazon has hit a home run with this one. Oh yes, someday there will be color. Someday, the screen will be bigger, the number of books available will be great, but right now, this is a fantastic device.

Get one....NOW!!

Nook readers can also loan their books to others for up to 2 weeks. You can't do this on a Kindle.

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