The Laptop's Too Big, and the Smartphone's Too Little

I live in Connecticut, but I'm from Washington, D.C., which means six-hour train rides back and forth for the holidays. Though I love my BlackBerry Curve, there are days I wish my Mac had a built-in wireless network access thingie so I could surf the 'net while cruising down the mid-Atlantic. 
So when I heard about AT&T's HP Mini netbook with built-in access to the AT&T's 3G and WiFi networks, my ears perked up. 
This new, light, 2.57-pound 'book features Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, a 10.1-inch LED anti-glare widescreen display, 1G of memory, a 160GB hard drive and is only $199 after mail-in rebate via an AT&T promotion card. There's just one catch: You have to buy a two-year data service contract, and pay $35-60 per month for service. All for the benefit of getting to use AT&T WiFi wherever you are. 
Still, making a commitment to shell out another $35-60 a month is difficult - I wish you could just rent netbooks for $20 per train trip (hint, hint Amtrak)! That would make those monthly train rides go a whole lot more smoothly. 
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Just needed something to play video, and use for my online classes. This fit the bill! It's lighter than a textbook and does a lot more in my opinion ha. Keys took a bit of getting used to but now i'm right at home. With OCZ 2 GB PC2-5400 667 MHz DDR2 Value SODIMM Laptop Memory (OCZ2MV6672G) you can easily upgrade the 1GB RAM to 2GB. really simple and well worth it.

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