What Does Droid Do? The Test Begins ...

It's been a almost a week since Verizon Wireless unveiled its first-ever cell phones based off the much-fussed-about Google Android platform -- the DROID by Motorola and the DROID ERIS by HTC - so TMCnet decided to visit to a Verizon Wireless store in Norwalk, Conn., to get a closer look. Boy, was it worth it! 
We were ushered in by a Verizon spokesman, along with sales guy Jared Fixler, who navigated some of the phone's most-talked-about features. 
I'm a bit obsessed with fashion, so my first Google search on the Motorola DROID's voice-activated search was for "Vera Wang." Within seconds I was presented with a map to the designer's flagship New York City store. 
It's been said by some that the iPhone has better resolution than the DROID, but I honestly could not tell the difference. The DROID slightly heavier than the iPhone or my BlackBerry Curve, thanks to a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. But having access to hundreds of widgets, GPS directions and my Facebook page makes the weight worth it. (So far, at least!) 
Over the next two weeks, I'll be testing the DROID - trying out Google Maps, launching voice-based Google searches and (yes!) so on. Stay tuned.
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