Wild for Animal Prints? Try This Flip

cheetahprintII_HD_1000x1000.jpgWhat do screen savers, ring tones and what you're wearing to dinner have in common?
All three things can be personalized!
If you're known to love (and lose) pricy gadgets, chances are you're a fan of personalization, whether it's the tropical screen saver that graces your PC/Mac or a slick black skin that covers your iPhone.   
And if you're the animal-loving type, today's Flip MinoHD is available in the coolest cheetah-print you've ever seen.  
Or, if you're the creative type, upload your own graphic or image to TheFlip.com and create your own design using the pattern generator. Choose from psychedelic swirls or slick, linear montages. Either way, you're only a few clicks away from sharing last night's happy hour with your Facebook pals and YouTube fans.
Just don't take it personally if they get their own Flip gadget.
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