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Why You Should Say Yes to the X

July 27, 2010 11:42 AM | 0 Comments
Tornados that threatened Fairfield County, Connecticut, last week didn't do a shred of damage to my after-work, five-mile run. 

But my phone, a pink BlackBerry Curve I've had for 11 months, drowned in the parking lot of a pal's apartment complex. Though wind didn't do it in, those torrential downpours killed the keypad. (Unfortunately, they didn't kill the alarm, which went off at 6 the next morning. I actually had to physically remove the battery to kill that!).
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 IMG00107.jpg IMG00106.jpgIt's been a while since I posted anything. (Sorry, I've been busy keeping the Droid X to myself, though I let Rich fiddle with it for five minutes the other day!). I've also been busy going on various adventures to deep, dark places underground.

Okay, I'll be honest: When I attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday, July 1, at a colocation interconnection facility known in the industry as the "Long Island Data and Recovery Center," I thought I was going to explore something really dark and undergraound. But instead, officials with ancotel GmbH sent me to the second floor of the building, not some basement cavern. Continue Reading...

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