LightSquared Joins the 4G Bunch with a Satellite Launch

Welcome, LightSquared, to the circus that is the current stage for 4G developments. To your left you can see Clearwire, the star of this performance so far, but that's subject to change should a more talented star comes along. One, for example, that would be capable of handling all of Clearwire’s issues with grace. One such company that will be able to exceed the current standard minimums that the present leading 4G providers are barely even managing to accomplish.

LightSquared officially launched its first satellite, which just so happened to be the biggest satellite antenna ever launched into space. The Boeing 702HP,  “designed to provide mobile wireless services to millions of subscribers,” was thrust into orbit from Kazakhstan early Sunday afternoon at 12:30 PM EST.

LightSquared is bringing a new form of service to the forefront of wireless technology, selling their 4G services in the form of wholesale shares. Now chain stores like Walmart can get in on some of the business wireless companies make off of consumers. Soon enough, there will be mobile service providers in the form of every major company in the country.

“Today, LightSquared has achieved a major milestone in the realization of our mission to revolutionize the wireless industry in the United States,” said company CEO Sanjiv Ahuja in a statement on Sunday. “LightSquared is launching the world’s first truly integrated satellite-terrestrial network, combining our 4G-LTE terrestrial network with ubiquitous satellite coverage that will connect rural America and support emergency communications.”

This satellite launch is running on time on the company’s deployment schedule. LightSquared expects to put up  an estimated 40,000 cell towers within the next five years. On a more relevant note, they are projecting that their 4G wireless network will be set up for testing in four cities: Baltimore, Denver, Phoenix and Las Vegas. They will be joining the already deployed Sprint, Clearwire, Verizon, AT&T and MetroPCS.

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