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June 2012

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Video of Senior Citizen Being Relentlessly Bullied Goes Viral

June 21, 2012

I’ve spent a lot of time on my blog discussing the epidemic that is cyberbullying and the exponential rise in childhood cruelty, but I have seldom explored how bullying is affecting adults as well – mostly because we don’t come across these headlines nearly as much.

But this morning, something jarring stood out to me when I was searching Google News. The headline read “School bus monitor bullied by students” and the text of the story was painfully hard to digest.

On Tuesday, a 10-minute video hit YouTube depicting some of the most inhumane verbal treatment of an individual that I have ever seen or heard. For 10 minutes, a group of middle school students from Athena Middle School in upstate New York disparage, ridicule and torment Karen Huff Klein, a 68-year-old woman who has worked as a school bus monitor for over 20 years.  

Media Mogul Funds Anonymous Texting Program to Report Bullies

June 19, 2012

Whether it is bringing a teacher’s attention to a cheater, ratting out your best friend to her parents when you find out she is developing an eating disorder or tattling on a classmate to the principal when the kid threatens you, the process of calling someone out is daunting and never easy.

But one 89-year-old media mogul is setting out to change that.

This fall, an anti-bullying initiative will be introduced to Los Angeles, Calif. students that will allow the teens to anonymously report threats of violence to school officials through text messages.

The Real Commencement Speech - Tech Style

June 7, 2012

If you are a recent college graduate, I am going to guess you have heard it all from Mom, Dad, Grandma, the class Valedictorian and maybe even that long lost cousin already: pull out all stops necessary to secure a good job, realize (even if you have only been out of school for a few weeks) that sleeping in your old twin bed at Mom and Dad’s will only be allowed for a finite period of time, and accept the fact that you have to trade in the beer for bills sooner or later.

But what if I told you there were a few more secret tips that might make acclimating to the post-college life a tad easier… oh, and also get you off that couch and into a real office with cubicles sooner.

This week, I wrote an article that included four tips that all college commencement speakers should have touched upon during their pontificating about how to really make it in the “Real World.” Yes, I am talking to you President Obama. Sure it’s all about knowing the right people, determining which path to take when you come at a crossroads, and realizing that “everything happens for a reason.” And, yes it’s also important to gloss over the front page of the “New York Times” so that you can fully understand the debt crisis and gay rights marriage contention and, of course, for some inexplicable reason you should have to listen to at least one hotshot who made his dreams come true off of nothing but determination and passion.

Don't Kill Your GPA: Enroll in Online Summer Classes

June 5, 2012

True story: I got a “C” in college once. I should probably preface this by explaining that for a perfectionist to admit this is like a diehard vegetarian admitting that he/she had a bit too much Tequila last weekend and found him/herself eating a hamburger. It’s disappointing, embarrassing and inherently makes you question how you could have slipped.

Okay, okay so I am being a bit dramatic because I am sure we have all been there and yet most of us probably still managed to get employed despite that ugly “C.” My story, however, is a bit more harrowing as I got a “C” in a class that I didn’t even have to be taking; I am going to chalk this up to college freshman naiveté.

Cyberbullying: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

June 1, 2012

While some 20-year-olds spent yesterday sunbathing at the pool, frantically applying to summer internships and planning their next big trip during summer break, for 20-year-old Dharun Ravi the day was a bit less sunny as he reported to the Middlesex County Sherriff’s office to start his 30-day jail sentence after being convicted in a cyberbullying incident.

Ravi, the college student accused of reportedly using a Web cam to spy on his roommate and then stream footage online, has been sentenced to 30 days in jail, 300 hours of community service and counseling, and restitution in the form of a $10,000 fine.

For those who need a refresher, in 2010, the world was taken aback when 18-year-old Tyler Clementi, a freshman at Rutgers University, jumped to his death after being the victim of online bullying. It all came to a head when an intimate moment between Clementi and another male was surreptitiously taped by Ravi and streamed over the Internet.