The Real Commencement Speech - Tech Style

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The Real Commencement Speech - Tech Style

If you are a recent college graduate, I am going to guess you have heard it all from Mom, Dad, Grandma, the class Valedictorian and maybe even that long lost cousin already: pull out all stops necessary to secure a good job, realize (even if you have only been out of school for a few weeks) that sleeping in your old twin bed at Mom and Dad’s will only be allowed for a finite period of time, and accept the fact that you have to trade in the beer for bills sooner or later.

But what if I told you there were a few more secret tips that might make acclimating to the post-college life a tad easier… oh, and also get you off that couch and into a real office with cubicles sooner.

This week, I wrote an article that included four tips that all college commencement speakers should have touched upon during their pontificating about how to really make it in the “Real World.” Yes, I am talking to you President Obama. Sure it’s all about knowing the right people, determining which path to take when you come at a crossroads, and realizing that “everything happens for a reason.” And, yes it’s also important to gloss over the front page of the “New York Times” so that you can fully understand the debt crisis and gay rights marriage contention and, of course, for some inexplicable reason you should have to listen to at least one hotshot who made his dreams come true off of nothing but determination and passion. But commencement speakers should have also mentioned about how you can end up being a part of the 50 percent of college grads that is actually employed if you follow a few very important technology guidelines.

Want to know what I am talking about? Then click here. Don’t agree with my suggestions? Then let me know at Twitter or on the blog. Happy job searching college grads!



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