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Cyberbullying: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

While some 20-year-olds spent yesterday sunbathing at the pool, frantically applying to summer internships and planning their next big trip during summer break, for 20-year-old Dharun Ravi the day was a bit less sunny as he reported to the Middlesex...

Ravi Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail for Alleged Cyberbullying

The defense and prosecution have given their statements, the evidence has been examined, the jury has made its conviction and now, the judge has laid his sentence: Dharun Ravi, the college student accused of reportedly using a web cam to...

The Ravi Uproar: We are Missing the Point

A few days after Dharun Ravi was handed a guilty verdict for reportedly using his webcam to spy on his gay roommate Tyler Clementi, the world is definitely talking… a lot. Naturally, there are those that decry the verdict, arguing...

Tyler Clementi Case: What's in a Text?

Two weeks ago, new evidence was recovered from the Tyler Clementi case that indicated that perhaps Dharun Ravi – Clementi’s college roommate who allegedly recorded an imitate moment between Clementi and another male and streamed it over the Internet –...