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A New Major is in Town and its name is Social Media

If you are a college student about to embark on the daunting journeyof gainful employment (hopefully), you are probably busy day in day out scouring the job listings in search of your dream job – or at least one that...

Will Past Facebook Dalliances Hamper Your Entrepreneurial Path?

In my almost seven years as a Facebook user (disclaimer: a seven-year period marked by a typical number of Facebook status updates, picture stalkings and wall postings), I feel comfortable in contending that users often fall into one of four...

Facebook's Response to Cyberbullying: Is it Enough?

Facebook can be a lot of different things for different people – a platform to celebrate milestone achievements, a forum to help you keep in touch with long lost friends and, sadly, even a mechanism that facilitates cyberbullying. The past...