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BYOD, Steve Jobs Classes... What Can we Expect in 2012 in Schools?

I know what you are thinking: between all the holiday shopping, eating, revelry and milliseconds spent considering that you should make a New Year’s Resolution, why on Earth would you have had the time to think about what the tech...

All Aboard My Education Nostalgic Train

I have a confession to make:  I am one-half Russian, one-fourth German and one-half nerd. When I think about all the students who get to buy new notebooks and pens (Velocity for sure), sit through hour-and-a-half lectures about how one...

Amazon Student App Outdoing College Bookstores

Earlier this week, I got to write about a pretty cool app that is bound to put the whole “But my back hurts from carrying all my textbooks” argument to rest for college students. Thanks to Amazon, students can now...